The Mouth, The Man, The Myth


Blackpool + David Tennant + Food = Yummy

I never thought it would be sexy to watch someone eat, but after I've seen Blackpool for the first time, I got a food kink. Just look at those pics of David aka Detective Carlisle eating. First he's having some fries...
... then there is candy floss on the beach and he's licking his fingers afterwards....... hmm, licking an ice cream cone *drools a bit*
... and some more fries...
... he should be forbidden to suck on a lolly like this...
... when he is not eating, he is drinking coffee...
...or putting random objects in his mouth...

... so, who is orally fixated here? We? But at least we are not the only ones ;-)

Most of the screenshots were taken from sunset_to_dawn's gallery, thanks for providing them.


  1. Glasses + pen + 5 o'clock shadow = THUNK! (sound of me passing out...)

  2. I love his 'what-i-didn't-do-anything-i'm-just-drinking-coffee' look. Mhmm.

  3. Oh My Gosh i love him so much he is so sexayyyy xxxxxxx why did you leace doctor who ?!?!?!?! :@
    love you babes xxx <3 ***£%£$^£%*&%$* =) :)
    =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD
    =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD =D :D XD