The Mouth, The Man, The Myth


Nice New Face



Two lovely pics from 'Casanova', just imagine he was about to send this kiss just to you...


Friday Perfection

What more could you want in a picture of David Tennant? You've got the tongue (just peeping out), the crazy hair, a little shadow, and some sexy specs... The only thing that could make this better? Freckles!


Pucker up!

Tasty? Not so much


This great animated gif has been created by Cowboyhd, please visit her LJ and give her some love if you like it.


John Barrowman again

Isn't it nice to know people who know people etc... thanks to some connections we now got a bigger version of this pic of John Barrowman doing something with his tongue.

If you know where this pic is from, please let us know in a comment so we can give proper credit.

Open up and say, "Ahhhhh...."

Screen cap courtesy of this lovely site.


Watch What You Eat With Those New Teeth

Here's some screencaps from Doctor Who.

The sun must have been so bright even his mouth had to squint... (boy is that some big hair)

New teeth. That's weird.

Doesn't that look appetizing..

Turns out not so much...

Guest Star

Even if it is just a small pic, I think for this one John Barrowman deserves a guest spot on this blog.


I Want Candy

This is a fan video featuring Detective Carlisle's (Blackpool) food obsession and a hearty dose of kissy-face as well. It is now impossible for me to hear this song without thinking of David Tennant's mouth.

More Tongue

From Einstein and Eddington:


Finger lickin' good

"What? Sucking my fingers is not socially acceptable? I don't know; a lot of fans seem to like it. Now that I think about it, though, they do seem to mostly be women...hmmmm...."

(Screencap courtesy of

The Doctor and his T.A.R.D.I.S.

...getting intimate.


Blackpool + David Tennant + Food = Yummy

I never thought it would be sexy to watch someone eat, but after I've seen Blackpool for the first time, I got a food kink. Just look at those pics of David aka Detective Carlisle eating. First he's having some fries...
... then there is candy floss on the beach and he's licking his fingers afterwards....... hmm, licking an ice cream cone *drools a bit*
... and some more fries...
... he should be forbidden to suck on a lolly like this...
... when he is not eating, he is drinking coffee...
...or putting random objects in his mouth...

... so, who is orally fixated here? We? But at least we are not the only ones ;-)

Most of the screenshots were taken from sunset_to_dawn's gallery, thanks for providing them.


Love's Labour's Lost (with tongue)

Not just another picspam blog devoted to David Tennant. This one's orally fixated.